Where are you now Bjørn Eirik?

This series is about human existence.

How do we know that we really are here?

Where are we when we are not here? What is the truth regarding our existence?

Could it be that there's a paralell world where we exist in a different shape, or like another person?

This series wants to ask questions about why we are here, and what is the meaning of life.


This series was inspired by the shock and the sorrow I experienced when my uncle Bjørn Eirik had a heartattack, fell into a coma and died ten days later.

When I was at the hospital and he was in coma I asked his doctor if my uncle could hear me, or if he could have any thoughts or dreams. The doctor told me that pasients that has awakened from coma often told that they felt they were travelling.

After this day I had a dream about my uncle. At first he was young like I remember him when I was a child. Later in the dream he becomes old, and I meet him carrying a suitcase, he is confused, and he no longer remembers who I am. A few days later he died, but I think that he really died the night of my dream.

Isabel Sancho - The Ocean
The Ocean
Isabel Sancho - The sky
The sky
Isabel Sancho - The sunflower field
The sunflower field
Isabel Sancho - The hill
The hill
Isabel Sancho - Grandmothers box
Grandmothers box
Isabel Sancho - The music nights
The music nights
Isabel Sancho - The island
The island
Isabel Sancho - The call I never made
The call I never made
Isabel Sancho - The autumn
The autumn
Isabel Sancho - The phone call
The phone call
Isabel Sancho - Absence
Isabel Sancho - A tall tree in the forrest
A tall tree in the forrest
Isabel Sancho - 15.17